You are Stronger than you realize

I have been truly moved by a so many spiritual teachers and leaders these last couple of days since the election results came out. My first reaction was disbelief, rage and depression. But after much guidance from several teachers and leaders who I am so blessed to know and be connected to, I have come to a better place in dealing with these results. I literally feel supported by the stronger ones of my tribe who were there to remind me to look in the mirror, to be the change, to practice non-judgement, to be gracious, kind and most importantly loving. To only engage in high vibration conversations and to take action when necessary. In this process this is where I feel we are and we need to be wise during this time. All of our feelings are valid and necessary in this process. And with that being said I have this message to pass on in my own words that I heard from Marianne Williamson on her recent video about the the election.

I urge my fellow brothers and sisters who are grieving, raging and processing these election results to contain your energy. Don’t let the emotions leak out to the world. Give them to God and contain your energy because there is much work to be done.

I feel united to all who are in this for Love. Let us raise our vibration. Love always wins. We must show up in our highest ability and be the change we wish to see. Anger does not expel anger and judgement does not expel judgement,  rage does not make the ignorant see. That last one is for me, because I have been so full of rage. Only Love and only God can. We are mere instruments of peace, so with boldness contain your energy and let us use our energy for good works. My warrior strength has only become stronger. Warrior of Love. Also if you are afraid and scared for this future, again hand it to God and stay vigilant for your brothers and sisters. We will not stand by and watch injustice towards minorities and other marginalized groups and we will be dignified, resilient and loving. We will also not fear the future, we will act in a way that exemplifies the values we hold most dear. Please Let US be the change we wish to see and we will truly unite. You are not alone. Do not give in to the negativity, the hostility and the low level vibrations coming from everywhere. BE the change we need and stand up bright and strong. Contain Your Energy.

I also want to say congratulations to the fellow Americans that voted for Trump. This is a democracy and he did win. And all of us need to accept this and I know it is easy to say #notmypresident but unfortunately then we just perpetrate the same energy that has been causing this division. Keep your eyes open and drive change in the vibration of Love. Miracles can come from this, when we are in the vibration of Love. Even the Donald is deserving of forgiveness and healing. Hold a space for all to heal.

I LOVE YOU! XOXOXOXOXO Let’s hug in person too!

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  1. Im loving all this inmafrotion from the videos, only hope i get the chance to use it. I know all this stuff but still feel stuck.. i need to be pointed in the right direction and finally do something.

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