Are you a Slave, Master or Liberator?

Recently I have studied the life of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs created Apple Computers and was the leader of innovation in personal computers, smart phones and tablets. He did all of this in one lifetime. Crazy! He was able to do this in one lifetime because he had One single focus, Apple Computers. That must have taken incredible mental discipline and passion.

Steve Jobs also studied Zen Buddhism and he had the values of simplicity, creativity, and out of the box thinking. The little bit that I know about Zen Buddhism is that there is a path to enlightenment through becoming aware of the monkey mind and settling into the Buddha mind which is total and complete awareness of reality as it really is. One could also call it God’s mind, or Union with God Reality. Or Christ Consciousness.

He created incredible products that changed the way we interact with the world. Even if you do not use Apple products, the products you do choose to purchase are because of the innovations of Apple Computers. Without his drive and passion we may not have had such an incredible boost in our productivity and possibilities through our technology.

And yet, these same products can increase our monkey mind tendencies and decrease the real connections to the people around us. There are negative side effects of all this constant access and the iCulture we live in. Some of these negative side effects can be lack of productivity, wasting time, self absorption, over stimulation and the constant bombardment of everyone else’s inner world of opinions, feelings, thoughts and dramas.

Have you ever heard the saying “You become what you eat?” Well, if this is true, which I believe it is, not only do I want to eat healthy foods, I also want to ingest healthy thoughts and emotions and that means for me I need to limit and have boundaries surrounding my constant access to everything at my fingertips.

Just like we are selective when we go grocery shopping, we pick the foods that will nourish us and delight us and bring us joy around eating. We must do the same around technological access to information. Not to be misinformed, or ignorant, but to be healthy in our choices of what we ingest. If something is growing addiction, anger, fear, confusion, maybe that is not a healthy information source.

Anything that expands our knowledge, understanding, compassion, passion, love, depth and growth is healthy information.

The very thing that can oppress, mislead and keep us down is also our a great teacher.

We have been given these great tools of technology by not only Steve Jobs, but thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs and flat our geeks. They are gifts! And just like any gift, modern technology can also be a curse if not wielded with great skill.

3 things you can do to Master and Liberate your use of technology and your mind

  • Stay focused on your goals, have reminders EVERYWHERE
  • Do a litmus test, is this making me feel expansive or contractive? Good or Bad? Healthy or toxic?
  • Dive into a good book and/or sign up for a class and get your interactive neurons going.
  • Take a technology fast
  • Meditate and/or Pray


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