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Get Out of Yourself and Listen

Every human being is born into a unique body and mind and has a unique soul. Every human being is also placed in a unique family, with unique challenges and opportunities, or lack there of. Each Human has unique experiences and learns a variety of things in ones life. Much of our ideas about reality come from these factors I’ve described above. I am going to call all of the factors described above Personal Programming, which again is unique, although there are many programs that fit together nicely.

Personal programming has many people thinking our way is the best way, or maybe that our perception of reality, based on our programming, is how things really are. What would happen if we chose to download other programs? To step into a reality that stretched us and made us uncomfortable, maybe even have to deal with issues in our own hearts that we would rather not deal with. I believe all people everywhere are created equal in Gods eyes, just as all rabbits are created equal, even though my bunnies are definitely cuter than most…


hmmm … interesting don’t we all think our own Programming is cuter than most. And I have ample evidence that my bunnies are really cute. This is where I chime in and and say…


“Close the lips and open the heart and mind and listen to each other, deeply.” (I know I look bitchy, but I say it with love and humor.) I believe that our lives are for knowing Love, in other words, knowing God. Don’t get me wrong, please think for yourself here. No doubt your path and relationship to Love/God is the “cutest” path for you. But maybe not so cute for someone else. And I am not just being politically correct. However,  just because the “cutest” path to Love/God for your own personal programming doesn’t fit someone else “cutest” path, doesn’t mean that the other programs cannot offer tremendous value for your life. So that is why I say Listen, deeply, because there is a huge value on the other side of the discomfort of growing. Be open to new vistas.

I can say all of this because I have put myself in very diverse situations from my own personal programming and have really dove into things I have actually been completely adverse to previously. Not to say, I have dove into everything I am adverse to, just many things. For example, Christianity and Hot Yoga. I grew up in an atheist home, went to a Unitarian church with a Buddhist Sunday school teacher and a Rabbi who headed our church. I chose to be Jewish at age 9 and identified as Jewish ever since. I found Yoga at age 12 and have gone very deep into the philosophical and spiritual roots of Yoga. My mom and grandmother are huge proponents of women rights, gay rights, minority rights and have had terrible experiences with religion. This all of course was taught to me, making up my own unique programming. When I met my now husband, Eric who is Christian, It had been so ingrained in me that Christianity would never work for me that I told him so. Nonetheless, he pursued me. I made a choice to open up to his world. It was not easy, and I had to grow a lot, however I have learned so much that I would have never understood if I just rejected the program called Christian. Eric also made that transition easier for me as he is not afraid to talk about hard things and is not closed to discussing universal questions. We still talk openly about our differences and on the mysteries of this universe. My other example was Hot Yoga. I was taught by my mentor a way of Yoga that is very effective, grounded and healing and I believed that Hot Yoga was not really a good way to practice yoga, and now I am doing Hot Yoga everyday and growing a lot.

This is not to say that once you’ve listened and truly understand to the best of your ability that you can choose certain programs that work better for your life. But this is just a tool to allow for personal growth and transformation. Stepping into different programs allows us to grow our capacity to understand and love.

My original personal programming is completely transformed and is still transforming. I now have the ability to zip in and out of various operating systems because of what I am sharing with you here. Get uncomfortable, do things that will make you grow, not because everyone there is like you or agrees with you, but because they think differently than you and are in fact different than you, and listen, listen, listen. You will grow. Have a humble and open heart. I have found that not very many people do this. And I am telling you from experience that doing this not only gives you the ability to basically be like Neo from the Matrix, it also gives you a larger capacity to love, understand and make a truthful and universal positive impact. I say all this with Love.

Namaste and
Besos y Abrazos