Dance is the expression of the soul. Dance is complete connection to music, which expresses that which is unspoken.

I grew up in Las Vegas, NV where I danced ballet, modern and jazz. I choreographed my first dances as young as 8. I have always loved the art of choreography and have had a natural inclination towards creating ballets. I have created over 100 dances, some being parts of full length shows that I choreographed in entirety.

I have beences_8337 teaching ballet and modern for over a decade.

I trained at Alvin Ailey School of Dance in New York City for 3 years and have danced for many well known choreographers all over the country.

I have been choreographing professionally for over a decade as well._dsc2427

Choreography Reel Coming Soon…

Ballet and Yoga DVD’s are in the works also…







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