Yoga is the union of opposites. Yoga is breath, movement and clarity. Yoga is Life.


I started practicing Yoga at the age of 12. Yoga was a very welcomed healthy way for me to connect with positive thinking and healing when I was going through my difficult teenage years and my early 20’s. It helped me have a loving and compassionate lens to look at the world through. When I was dancing in New York City I had an Iyengar teacher who had me read the entire Light on Yoga book by BKS Iyengar, I was 20 years old.  Later, after much heartache in my life, I miraculously found a mentor when I was 24 years old who helped me understand and cultivate a deeper and more meaningful practice. Her name is Julia Alexander. I owe much of my clarity, discipline and freedom surrounding this ancient practice to the time I have spent with Julia.

I have been teaching yoga for over a decade. I started teaching yoga under the guidance of my mentor Julia and then later I decided I wanted to get certified so I could teach at yoga studios. I am not longer teaching at yoga studios. I am currently working on designing yoga and ballet DVD’s. I also teach Yoga at workshops and personal growth events.

Mostly I am a student of Life and I love learning a growing. The physical practice of yoga and the philosophical study of sacred texts is and always will be a tool I utilize for my own growth and betterment.

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Photographers : Charles Schinner and Christina Gressianu